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Resources management and digital sobriety

Research & development lab at the crossing of art, design, engineering and science.

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Argil Data is a swiss company  deploying global resources management solutions and sculpting locally case specific agile data strategies.

"The Agile Data (AD) method defines a collection of strategies that IT professionals can apply in a wide variety of situations to work together effectively on the data aspects of software systems. This isn’t to say that AD is a “one size fits all” methodology. Instead, consider AD as a collection of techniques and philosophies that will enable IT professionals within your organization to work together effectively when it comes to the data aspects of software-based systems."

Curious about what it means?

Your enterprise architecture and enterprise administration (including operational data administration) groups need to become more agile to succeed in modern IT environments. It's not only possible to take an agile enterprise approach, I believe it's preferable to traditional techniques because it's more responsive to the actual needs of your organization.
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